Selim Yeniceri wrote and published 9 books so far in Turkey. New ones in English are coming soon from the publishing company he founded, SaySaga Inspirational.



Enigma - Selim Yeniceri

Enigma – 2004 – Cosmic Publishing

This book was a fiction story to show how GRRROWL (c) principles work in real life, and it was showed as “one of the most intriguing books of the year” by some book magazines in Turkey.

Enigma tells us about a mystical journey, that Native Americans’ Shamanism and Far Eastern Buddhism flow along, that reaches from Istanbul and Himalayans to Switzerland and Americas. And at the point where the events come together finds us a surprise final. You’re invited to read about virtual reality, dynamic fighting scenes, battle strategies rehearsed with pebbles, the independence and survival struggle of the Sioux, worldwide power and domination of capitalism, universal principles that’s told under the title Tiger’s Seven Principles, spiritual ethic of martial arts, details and subtlety of sword making, the power of secret symbolism, and Zenlike parables under the guidance of Selim Yeniçeri’s cinematic and smooth storytelling.


Krallarin Yolu - Selim Yeniceri

Gorre Destani 1. Kitap – Krallarin Yolu (Gorre Saga Book I – Road of the Kings) – 2005 – Eureca Publishing

“Road of the Kings” which shares the same title with Selim Yeniceri’s first music album, is the first book of a trilogy titled “Gorre Saga.” In this spiritual fantasy book, the essential point is some strange occurances that we can’t understand if it comes from the main character, Sonat’s imagination. For more than 400 pages, we read 10 years of Sonat’s life, and the mysterious developments in a gripping story tale. However, among hundreds of pages, author only prepares the foundation for the real story, and gives signals that he saves the key points to the second book. And suddenly, after page 400, Selim Yeniceri provides an amazing, deep, and fast flowing story of Atlantis, Tigerians, and Sonat…

This trilogy will be presented to you in English soon enough.


Komplekssiz Yasam - Selim Yeniceri

KompleksSIZ Yasam (A Life Without Complexes) – 2010 – Yakamoz Publishing

In his book titled “A Life Without Complexes” released in 2010, while telling the story of his life and success in career, Selim also shares his extraordinary experiences with his readers; how he achieved amazing success in his childhood, the destruction and havoc came afterwards, how he overcame the terrifying problems that his imagination and high mental capacity caused him, how his peers made him a target of mockery due to his physical shortness throughout his adolescense, pushing and pulling him around, and how he survived it all. Selim Yeniçeri proves a motto in this book: “What doesn’t kill me, strengthens me.”

“A Life Without Complexes” is the foundation of his book “Dream (like a poet, fight like a) Tiger.”


English - Common Language of the World

Ingilizce – Dunyanin Ortak Dili: Başlangıç – Orta – Ileri (English – Common Language of the World: Beginning/Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate – Advanced) – 2009 – Yakamoz Publishing

After one year of education at a private course, learning English on his own, and becoming one of the most prominent book translators in Turkey, Yeniçeri teaches English language to the readers in an elegant way, and also he shares the tactics he applied. This set, which the readers commented as “we realized that we can learn English on our own with just a book,” offers a powerful solution to the foreign language problem once and for all.